Avoiding Failure

History is littered with investors who fail due to two basic and avoidable circumstances:

1.     Investors with excessive leverage

Great fortunes have been won and lost with leverage, but the majority of great investors of the age have all preferred to sustain consistent outperformance rather than take undue risks for a short term gain. Consistent with this, the 'Collins St Value Fund' does not intend to utilise leverage.

 2.    Investors who fail to plan, and lack a consistent investment philosophy

Without a plan, it is impossible to generate long term results.  An investor simply must have a strong and proven philosophy, as well as structures in place to ensure that they don’t lose their way or oscillate as soon as they are hit with a short term setback. 

The Executive Directors and Investment Managers of the 'Collins St Value Fund' intend to remain firm on their investment philosophy regardless of any short term market fluctuations.