The Fund charges Zero Fixed Management Fees. WITH PERFORMANCE only FEES, WE ONLY benefit when our clients do. It's that simpLe, and it's that fair


Value Fee Structure

The Collins St Value Fund (CSVF) has a fee proposition aimed at aligning the interests of its investors and its management. Qualifying investors of the fund pay NO ongoing management fees (view the IM for terms). 

The Funds Management Industry

Most funds charge both an ongoing management fee and a performance fee.

The Executive Directors and Investment Managers of the CSVF believe there is simply no better alignment of interests between a manager and investor than a performance based fee structure. Therefore, those qualifying investors (as per the IM) will not pay ongoing management fees unless the fund generates positive returns above the benchmark rate.

For more information about Fees please obtain a copy of the IM which is available upon request.

The Collins Street Value Fund (CSVF) is managed by Collins St Asset Management Pty Ltd (CSAM) AFSL 468935. CSAM is authorised to provide financial services to wholesale clients only (as set out in section 761G (7) of the Corporations Act 2010).