With almost two decades of joint experience managing private client funds, the Executive Directors and Investment Managers of the ‘Collins Street Value Fund’ (CSVF) have learned a thing or two about investing. 

It’s no easy feat to find attractive investment opportunities. Even more difficult is conducting the additional research to qualify a well thought out idea. At CSVF, the Investment Managers insist on first hand evidence to support an investment idea. Relying on broker notes, newspaper articles or staring at a computer screen may be considered appropriate in the industry, but they believe a more considered process is necessary to succeed.


  • Speaking to management
  • Speaking to competitors
  • Obtaining subsidiary ASIC filings
  • On the look out for overseas trends or comparisons
  • Buying and testing a company’s product or service
  • Visiting physical operations
  • Analysing annual reports over the years
  • Obtaining and reading the original IPO prospectus
  • Speaking to employees, suppliers and customers
Great investments are not made by staring at a computer screen
— Executive Directors CSVF


stock Screen selection



"The ideas we pass on are more important than the ideas we invest in. Capital preservation is our first objective"