Key Features

Fund Name: Collins St Value Fund ABN 72 216 927 242

Trustee: Collins St Asset Management Pty Ltd ACN 601 897 974 AFSL 468935

Custodian: Link Fund Solutions (Sub-custodian is JP Morgan)

Registry & Unit Pricing: Link Fund Solutions

Auditors: Pitcher Partners

Investment Objective: The Fund will seek to create strong investment returns over the medium to longer term, with capital preservation a priority.

Investment Strategy: The Fund invests in a concentrated portfolio of Australian listed securities. It focuses on identifying deep value investment opportunities. This is achieved by identifying sustainable businesses trading at a discount to our assessment of intrinsic value.

Benchmark: Index Unaware

Asset Class:  Long-only, Australian securities and cash (no derivatives)

Leverage: None

Minimum Subscription: $250,000 and only open to investors considered "wholesale investors" under Section s761G of the Corporations Act.

Investment Term: There is no fixed investment term. Investors may apply to acquire Units in the Fund at any time the Fund is open for investment. Investors may redeem Units subject to the applicable liquidity and redemption policy.

Entry Fee: Nil

Buy & Sell Spread: 0.50%

Applications & redemptions: Monthly

Distribution Frequency: Annually

Management Fees: Nil

Performance Fees: 25% above hurdle rate (Please read IM for further details)

Inception: February 5, 2016


The above should be read in conjunction with the Information Memorandum (IM) which is available upon request.