As 100% owners, our business cannot prosper unless those whom we serve prosper.

Michael Goldberg


Managing Director. Co Founder

Michael is the Co-founder and Managing Director of the Fund.

Prior to founding the Fund, Michael was a portfolio manager at a Melbourne based boutique wealth manager. During Michael’s time in the industry, he has managed portfolios and advised for some of Australia’s largest family offices and wealthy individuals.

Investors in the Fund will benefit from Michael’s experience and be well served by his attention and keen eye for identifying investment opportunities.

Michael has a bachelor’s degree from Monash University, where he studied Banking and Finance and Management. Additionally, Michael is RG146 compliant in superannuation, securities and geared investments.

Michael has previous experience in the service and retail industry, both through his involvement in the family business and as the founder of a service business overseas. Michael’s experience gives him a unique insight into business and business relationships, enabling him to better understand and identify attractive investments.

Michael and his family are invested in the Collins St Value Fund on equal footing with all the funds investors.


Vasilios Piperoglou

Chief Investment Officer. Co Founder.

Vasilios (Vas) is the Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of the Fund.

Prior to founding the Fund, Vas managed equity portfolios for wholesale clients at a boutique Private Asset Management firm where he was a Portfolio Manager from 2010 to 2014. Additionally, Vas has managed a private equity portfolio for over 10 years.

Vas has also managed a number of businesses, including a state wide food and beverage business, a highly profitable publishing company and an enterprise within the hospitality industry.

With a wealth of first-hand experience across several industries, Vas has a unique ability to see through the market noise and identify quality investments.

Vas is RG 146 certified in securities and margin lending, and is certified to provide financial advice by the Investment Banking Institute.

Having generated a sound investing track record, the creation of the Fund was the next obvious step in Vas’ career.

When Vas isn’t identifying the next business for his investors, he can be found devouring any number of value investing books written by, or about, the generations' greatest investors.

Vas and his wife Kate have a substantial personal investment in the Fund – backing the Fund’s ideas with their own capital.



Anton Lawrence

Chief Compliance Officer.