Collins St Convertible Notes Fund

A fund targeting quarterly income payments underpinned by debt like downside risk and equity like upside potential. 

This Fund is currently closed to new investment.

The Fund

Collins St Convertible Notes Fund

Lending money to a company by way of convertible notes offers our investors:

Who we Serve

The Collins St Convertible Notes Fund is available to wholesale and sophisticated investors only.

Private Investors

Philanthropic Foundations

Family Offices

Collins St Convertible Notes Fund

Our Investment Criteria

Collins St Convertible Notes Fund

Fee structure

Our investors are paid before we are, both on the income and equity side of the return.

Alignment of interests is a fundamental principle within Collins St Asset Management. No management fee is paid until investors achieve the targeted quarterly income return.

Please refer to Section 6 of the Information Memorandum dated the 27th of September 2022 for a full explanation of the fees and costs associated with the Fund.

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