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0% Fixed management fees. Performance fees only.
13.93% p.a. annualised net return since inception in 2016.

Introducing The Collins St Value Fund...

Boutique by design,
bespoke by nature.

The Collins St Value Fund is:

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The Collins St Value Fund is open to wholesale investors only

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Our Performance

The Collins St Value fund has delivered a 13.93% p.a. net return since inception in February 2016.

This performance has seen the Collins St Value Fund consistently rank in the top 10% of its peer group over the medium to long term (on both a gross and net basis) as measured by independent research consultants.

Collins St Value Fund Annualised return
13.93% p.a
ASX 200 Accumulation Index
9.69% p.a
Collins St Value Fund Value Add
4.24% p.a
Inception Date
February 2016

Collins St Value Fund

Returns in perspective

  • Demonstrated non-index like returns and the focus placed on capital preservation through the generation of positive returns in ~59% of months where the overall market was negative.
  • Delivered a positive net return to investors in the COVID-19 impacted 2020 Financial Year (the only fund within its Morningstar peer group to do so) that was ~19% higher than the peer average and ~14% higher than the broader market.

What drives us

Our Philosophy

Our investment style can be best described as “active value investing, with willingness to consider contrarian ideas.”

Our philosophy follows some of the modern era’s investing greats including: Sir John Templeton, Ben Graham, Peter Lynch, Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet and Anthony Bolton. Each of these great investors have proven over time that, not only does a value investing approach make intuitive sense, but that it can equally be highly profitable.

Learn more about our key investment principles here or watch the video below to learn more about our philosophy.

Collins St Value Fund

Our Research Process

We conduct deep, bottom up research on companies that seek to provide genuine insights into the merits of an opportunity in a way that others are yet to fully recognise. In doing so, we’ll look closely at the financial metrics of the business, but even closer at the track record of management and the views of key stakeholders within the businesses broader operating environment.

We are active, relentless and inquisitive. This sees us spending a lot of time ‘in the field’ because we believe that quite simply, great investment ideas aren’t found by staring at a computer screen.

Proven Success

Our Selection Process

We don’t seek to be ‘all things to all people’ and would prefer to focus our research efforts only on those ideas with the best prospect of success.

The strength and proven success of this approach is what leads us to be both unconstrained and high conviction in the way we construct portfolios.

Collins St Value Fund

Our Pricing

The fund charges ZERO fixed management fees. With performance only fees, we only benefit when our clients do. It’s that simple, and it’s that fair.

As a consequence, we are genuinely incentivised to preserve your capital. Who else who claims on capital preservation is actually prepared to forgo 100% of their revenue in months where the unit prices decline?

Moreover, we are also genuinely incentivised to grow your wealth rather than simply grow our funds under management. Superior returns are impossible to achieve when managing large pools of money as the ability to be flexible, nimble and ‘fly under the radar’ are diminished. We are boutique by design and intend to stay that way.

Traditional Managed FundCollins St Value Fund
Yes. Fixed management fees irrespective of the outcome.No. Zero fixed management fees.
Traditional Managed FundCollins St Value Fund

Yes.  Fixed management fees
+ performance fee.

Yes.  A performance fee
only subject to a high water
mark and hurdle.

Traditional Managed FundCollins St Value Fund
No – a bigger fund means bigger fees!Yes – fund returns decline
as the size of the fund increases.
Traditional Managed FundCollins St Value Fund
No.  Fees are paid regardless of portfolio outcomes.Yes.  Losses must be recouped for fees to be payable.
Traditional Managed FundCollins St Value Fund
Yes – why would the Manager risk doing anything too different?No.  Absolute return focussed.  Losing stocks need to be aggressively filtered out.


Collins St Value Fund March 2024 Quarterly Report

May 8, 2024
The March 2024 Quarterly Report for the Collins St Value Fund discusses the role of the Board in an ASX listed company and some of the positive traits that Collins St Asset Management look for prior to investing in a company. An update is also provided on the fund’s performance (+18.6% net for the Financial Year to 31 March 2024) and a selection of high conviction positions including Carnarvon Energy, Boom Logistics and Litigation Capital Management.