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Speak to us to learn more about how Collins St Value Fund, our unconstrained Australian equity fund, has consistently delivered above market returns for ‘Sophisticated Investors’ with 0% fixed management fees.


We seek to preserve and grow your wealth, both now and for your family over the years and generations ahead.

Collins St Asset MAnagement

Our funds

Bespoke, high conviction and deep value – to access further information on each of our funds please click the link below:

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Closed to new investment.

Closed to new investment.

Limited re-opening to new and additional investment during November 2023.

The Collins st Value Fund

Preserve and grow your wealth with us.

A high conviction long only Aussie equity fund. 0% Fixed management fees. Performance fees only. 12.84% p.a. annualised net of fee return since inception.

Our Investment Philosophy

A few words from our managing director.

“Our first and foremost goal is capital preservation. We would much rather miss an opportunity that we feel is imperfect, than to invest half-heartedly in the hope of a gain. Like contrarianism, capital preservation is hardwired in our minds.”

Managing Director

In the media


Collins St Value Fund September 2023 Quarterly Report

November 8, 2023
The September 2023 Quarterly Report for the Collins St Value Fund discusses the distinction between investment risk and uncertainty, with some perspective on what it takes to be a successful investor over the long term alongside an update on the Fund’s holdings in Carnarvon Energy and MMA Offshore.

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