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March 2021 Quarterly Report

April 19, 2021
An overview of the Collins St Value Fund’s 5.7% net performance for the March 2021 quarter, as well as some insights into the ‘growth’ vs ‘value’ debate and the associated impact on stocks of low interest rates. Current portfolio positioning is also outlined, including analysis of two stocks that the Fund became a substantial holder in during the quarter in addition to once recently added ‘special situation’ holding (a take-over arbitrage opportunity).

December 2020 Quarterly Report

January 14, 2021
An overview of the Collins St Value Fund’s 16.8% out-performance (gross) of the ASX 200 for the period as well as a discussion on investor psychology throughout COVID-19, the key drivers of performance throughout 2020 and a selection of topical stocks that were bought throughout the year.

September 2020 Quarterly Report

October 15, 2020
The September 2020 Quarterly Report provides an overview of the Collins St Value Fund’s 13%…

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