EPS of $20 by 2025? Progress and Profile to Power Paradigm’s Share Price

Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals (PAR.ASX) have $108M in cash, no debt and are well advanced in the progression of clinical trials in addressable markets worth up to as much as $36B p.a. The next two years are particularly exciting for Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals as they are set to announce:

  • Complete recruitment of 1150 patients for the stage 3-clinical OA trials.
  • Embarkment of stage 3 clinical trials for MPS
  • Potential for Australian approval to begin treatment – which would lead to first significant earnings.
  • Addition of Paradigm to the ASX 300 – leading to greater coverage
  • Publication of results in peer-reviewed journals.

Each of those pieces of news could drive significantly more interest in the company, and result in a materially higher share price.

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