Collins St Special Situation Fund No.2

A high conviction global gold and precious metals fund that will invest into a portfolio of deep value listed companies we believe to present a compelling asymmetric investment opportunity.

Closed to new investment.

The Opportunity

Collins St Special Situation Fund No.2

We believe the medium term outlook for gold is compelling, being driven by an opportunistic combination of:

  • Negative real rates (domestically and abroad);
  • Increased central bank buying activity driven by geo-political uncertainties; and
  • Ingrained inflationary pressures associated with onshoring of manufacturing and energy costs.


Importantly, we have identified a substantial disconnect between the price of gold and the price of selected listed gold stocks.  This presents a medium term opportunity we believe to be compelling and which we are seeking to capitalise on through a deep value, high conviction investment mandate focussed exclusively on the global gold and precious metals sector.

To find out more please watch the webinar and access the Information Memorandum for the Fund via the links below.

Who we Serve

The Collins St Special Situation Fund No.2 is a wholesale fund that is closed to new investment.

Private Investors

Philanthropic Foundations

Family Offices

Collins St Special Situation Fund N0.2

Our Investment Criteria

Collins St Special Situation Fund No.2

Fee Structure & Investment Term

Investment Term

We anticipate the Fund will have an investment term of ~3 years, however as the Fund is entirely outcome focussed it may be wound up (in full or in part) earlier should the investment thematic be realised sooner than expected.  The Fund may be extended beyond the 3 year mark, however a liquidity event will be provided at year 4 for those investors wishing to redeem.  The Fund should be considered an illiquid investment that will not pay any cash distributions throughout the investment term (any distributable income will be reinvested as additional units each year).

Fee Structure

  • No fixed ongoing management fee.
  • No buy/sell spread for primary applications or at the end of term.
  • Performance fee of 25% +GST of the profits generated on the sale of assets upon distribution to investors.
  • 2% + GST Contribution fee (rebated against any future performance fees).

Please refer to Section 5 of the Information Memorandum for a full description of the fee structure for the Fund.