Going for Gold! Finding some Glitter among the COVID-19 Gloom

11th June 2020

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Extreme volatility has seen ASX listed gold stocks rally by nearly 40% over the last 12 months and, with the full economic impacts of COVID-19 starting to be felt many investors are looking at ways to increase their exposure to the precious metal. But, which of the wide array of physical, ETF and large / small cap stocks available to investors is the best path to take? How much gold is enough and what sort of due diligence should an investor undertake in order to fully understand the risks and opportunities on offer in the gold sector?

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Michael Goldberg

Principal Managing Director

Michael is a Founder, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager of the Fund. Prior to founding the fund, Michael was a senior portfolio manager at a Melbourne based Managed Investments provider. During his time there he managed portfolios for and advised some of Australia’s largest family offices and high net worth individuals.

Michael has a Bachelor’s degree from Monash University where he studied Banking & Finance and Management. Additionally, Michael is RG146 compliant in superannuation, securities and geared investments.

Michael has previous practical experience in the service and retail industry, both through his family business and as the founder of a service business. Michael’s experience gives him a unique insight into business and business relationships enabling him to better understand and identify attractive investments.

Michael and his family are invested in the Collins Street Value Fund on equal footing with all the funds investors.

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