Webinar: Building a Bridge or a Bridge Too Far

22nd May 2020

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We undoubtedly live in unusual times where long held assumptions are rapidly being eroded. But what does this all mean for ASX investors looking to preserve and grow their wealth? Will structural shifts in consumption patterns and ballooning public sector debt lead to some sectors rising above the rest, or is this all one great race to the bottom?

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Anton Lawrence

Chief Strategist

Anton has over 30 years experience as an investment analyst and fund manager.

Specialising in product structuring, due diligence and regulatory compliance, Anton provides the advice and know how necessary to drive the Fund’s compliance and processes, while also providing invaluable advice on the impact of macroeconomic thematics.

Having been integral in the launch of the Collins Street Value Fund, Anton is heavily invested in the Fund’s success.

Anton is RG146 compliant and is a responsible manager of the Fund’s AFSL.

Building a Bridge or a Bridge Too Far? Managing the Macro Minefield throughout COVID-19

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